We are thrilled to share some exciting news about a significant development at Chemspeed - we are joining forces with BRUKER, a NASDAQ listed company!

This marks a new chapter for us, and we are excited about the opportunities it brings for our team and, most importantly, our valued customers like you.

As of closing of the acquisition, currently expected early March 2024, Chemspeed will operate as a dedicated division within the BRUKER Biospin Group which is headquartered in Switzerland as well. This strategic move perfectly aligns with our shared commitment to innovation, customer satisfaction, and sustainable growth. We are thrilled to bring our cutting-edge laboratory automation, R&D digitalization, and scientific software solutions to BRUKER and take our partnership to the next level.

Rest assured, our relationship and commitment remain unchanged, and you can continue relying on Chemspeed for your automation and digitalization needs. Together with the new colleagues at Bruker we are looking forward to assisting you every step of the way.

BRUKER Press release: https://ir.bruker.com/press-releases/press-release-details/2024/Bruker-Announces-Agreement-to-Acquire-Chemspeed/default.aspx