Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News – Chemspeed’s Numerous Disruptive Technologies in Laboratory Automation Workflows Spark Creativity

To highlight the importance of Chemspeed’s unrivalled innovations, Dr. Michael Schneider, Sr VP Business Development, gave an interview to Genetic Engineering & Biotechnologies News about Lab Automation Sparking Creativity:

  • Chemspeed’s Object Oriented Workflow Design is the proprietary foundation of all our latest product lines. By combining independent, functional shuttles and objects (processing workstations) we utilized a new workflow paradigm which allows to process samples in parallel and sequential. This modular design supports practically unlimited and flexible growth of workflows, in both capacity and capabilities, capable of supporting ever more complex needs. The Object Oriented Workflow Design makes the workflows more robust. If one shuttle fails, the others continue on.
  • Chemspeed perfected gravimetric dispensing of solids, liquids, and viscous liquids, and is now getting ready to release the new SWILE dispense technology to further enable e.g. compound management in the pharmaceutical industry. Chemspeed’s SWILE supports a many-to-many dispense mode and is capable of gravimetrically dispensing sub milligram quantities of compounds with a very wide range of consistency: from viscous oils via waxy components to solids. Thanks to an automatically exchanged disposable all glass dispense “probe”, cross-contamination is completely eliminated.

For further information, please contact Dr. Michael Schneider by e-mail or phone (+41 61 816 95 00).

April 10, 2013