High-Throughput & High-Output Polyolefin R+D

Petrochina Research Institute Has Chosen Chemspeed’s High-Throughput & High-Output Polyolefin Catalyst Synthesis and Screening Workflow for Accelerated & Standardized Polyolefin R+D

In order to accelerate and standardize its Polyolefin R+D, PetroChina Research Institute (PRI) in Beijing PRC, has chosen Chemspeed’s High-Throughput & High-Output Workflows for:

  • Polyolefin Catalyst Synthesis and Screening (ISYNTH POSYCAT Automated Workstation)

based on Chemspeed-pioneered, fully automated integrated ISYNTH array reactors, fully automated well-plate format based pressure screening reactor, as well as fully automated, individually controlled and operated process reactors in conjunction with its proprietary unrivalled overhead gravimetric dispensing of solid, liquid and highly viscous liquid raw materials.

About PetroChina

PetroChina is one of the companies with the largest sales revenue in China. It is not only the largest and dominant producer and distributor in the oil and gas industry in China, but also one of the largest oil companies in the world. The Company, under the guidance of the concept of scientific development, is dedicated to implementing three strategies of resources, markets and internationalization. PetroChina is committed to accelerating the transformation of economic growth mode, improving the self-innovation capacity, establishing long-efficient mechanism of safety, environmental protection and energy conservation and creating a harmonious enterprise, in order to transform itself to be an international energy company with strong competitiveness.

November 1, 2015