In this work, we investigated the technical feasibility of ‘on-demand’ production of selected drugs to cover their demand for a time window of 90 days. We focused on two sub-processes ‘automated chemical synthesis’ and ‘formulation in micropellets’ to enable personalized dosing. The production of drugs ‘on-demand’ is challenging, important, but also attractive. Switzerland could thus gain access to an additional instrument for increasing resilience for supply-critical drugs. The biggest challenge in the case study presented here is the scalability of automated chemical synthesis and the application range of micropellet formulations.

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How technical innovations may help to prevent drug shortages in Switzerland

Daniel Gygax a, Kaspar Eigenmann a, Christian Suter a, Marianne Hürzeler b, Ahmed Mahmoud c, Johannes Mosbacher a,b, and Norbert Pöllinger d

a. Swiss Academy of Engineering Sciences, CH-8001 Zürich, Switzerland
b. School of Life Sciences FHNW, CH-4132 Muttenz, Switzerland
c. Chemspeed Technologies AG, CH-4414 Füllinsdorf, Switzerland
d. Glatt Pharmaceutical Services, D-79589 Binzen, Germany

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