Intercos, a world leader in color cosmetics, has selected Chemspeeed’s FORMAX automated workstation to accelerate and enhance new formulation research, color development and prototyping

September 2019 – Agrate Brianza, Italy / Füllinsdorf, Switzerland

The Italian Group Intercos, a global leader in color cosmetics, has decided to partner with Chemspeed Technologies to accelerate and enhance the research of novel cosmetic formulations and the corresponding color development and prototyping.

Cosmetic formulations are quickly growing in complexity: changing ingredient regulations, increased environmental awareness, evolving cosmetic trends and curiosity for new color matches are just a few of the drivers giving a hard time to scientists.

Automation and digitalization methodologies represent a revolutionary approach to widely explore ingredient and process variables and accelerate the development of new products. Chemspeed’s formulation workstation, called “FORMAX”, is the first fully automated and integrated formulation and characterization solution for the personal care industry. A large number of automated formulations (from 3 to 36 depending on configuration) can be prepared contemporaneously while screening several parameters: ingredients, concentrations, amounts, color to matrix ratio, temperature, pH, viscosity and much more.

FORMAX key to success include precise gravimetric dispensing of ingredients (including solids and highly-viscous liquids), preparation of phases at different mixing speeds and temperatures (including ingredient addition while stirring/heating), formulation characterization (viscosity, pH, …) at any time during the experiment, ready to use samples for testing, color prototyping, etc. The experimental results (successes and failures) are used to rank each formulation and make it repeatable at any time. After this ranking, a set of new conditions can be generated and run experimentally using FORMAX. This process can continue until the best product or color is identified.

Intercos scientists mentioned: “Lamination is performed directly in the formulation vessel. This avoids messy and time-consuming color preparation steps and enables color adjustments at any time. This, together with the contemporaneous formulation of multiple recipes per cycle, grants a much shorter time to sample.”

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About Intercos: a leading global supplier and strategic innovation partner to the color cosmetics and skincare industry with research centers, production sites and marketing offices in North America, South America, Europe and Asia. Intercos has an unprecedented ability to scout, anticipate and influence trends in the beauty industry, which, combined with its best-in-class R&D capabilities, puts the Company at the forefront of innovation. For more information about the capabilities of FORMAX and collaboration proposals, please contact Dr. Matteo Caputo at [email protected].

About Chemspeed: the Swiss company Chemspeed Technologies is the worldwide leader in lab automation for research, development and QC activities in several industries, including personal care. The company offers solutions for sample preparation, synthesis, process research, formulation, application and testing. For more information about the FORMAX and other automation solutions, please contact Mr. Matteo Prezzi at [email protected].

September 26, 2019