ITAV and Chemspeed Technologies lead a successful partnership

For the 5th successive year, Institut des Technologies Avancées en sciences du Vivant (ITAV), part of the Oncopole in Toulouse, and Chemspeed Technologies lead a successful partnership

Activities of the Chemistry Platform of ITAV are centered on the high throughput synthesis capabilities of two Chemspeed automated synthesis workstations: SYNTHESIZER for parallel synthesis at ambient pressure and pressure up to 100bar and SWAVE for automated microwave assisted synthesis. ITAV establishes collaborations with chemists, biologists and physicists who need original molecules for various screening, tests and development in the domain of life science.

These Chemspeed robotic workstations are helpful tools to generate libraries of biologically active molecules while creating an important molecular diversity. Typically, an increase of productivity of a factor of 12+ was achieved and we have been able to provide multiple libraries to our collaborators after the development of fully automated parallel syntheses, multistep syntheses, automated extraction processes. Access to the ITAV’s facilities is possible by both academic and private sectors researchers, and a significant number of publications and patents were supported with the Chemspeed workstations.

About ITAV
ITAV, the « Institut des Technologies Avancées en sciences du Vivant » (Institute for Advanced Technologies in Life sciences), which was created in 2009 is a joint unit placed under the supervision of the University Paul Sabatier / Toulouse III, CNRS and INSA (national science agencies). This laboratory is located on the Oncopole / Toulouse, a campus dedicated to health and cancer where will gather a Cancer Hospital (opening in 2014), a medical research center (INSERM / opening in 2013), the EFS (French Blood Service / opening in 2014), and two industrial laboratories (Pierre Fabre and Sanofi). ITAV is sharing facilities with a biotechnology incubator located in the same building.

ITAV is intending to accommodate teams of researchers carrying interdisciplinary projects for a limited period. It aims to bring together biologists, chemists, physicists, mathematicians, computer scientists in an original environment conductive to collaborations, and to give an important place to the efforts of development and transfer leading to mature entrepreneurial projects.

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November 11, 2012