New algorithm for non-flowable powders

Chemspeed broadens the field of application of its solid dispensing technology with a new algorithm for non-flowable powders.

Chemspeed Technologies, the leader in overhead gravimetric dispensing has improved the dispensing algorithm for non-flowable powders of its Gravimetric Dispensing Unit for Powders (GDU-P).

Chemspeed’s unique and patented solution for overhead gravimetric dispensing of solids, liquids, viscous or waxy materials is the only solution capable of dispensing material into reactors or vials while they are being stirred and heated / cooled. With the new algorithm, the GDU-P, is now able to dispense an even wider range of materials. It can now deal with “non-flowable” powders that were previously impossible to dispense reliably with an automated system.

Customer feedback has been enthusiastic: “No other automated dispensing system could achieve the same high accuracy and precision”.

Chemspeed’s customers that have maintenance contracts and the GDU-P on their platform will automatically receive the new improved algorithm with the next software release.

If you have powder dispensing challenges and would like to discuss them with our workflow architects, please contact us.

April 7, 2012