Further patent granted for breakthrough dispensing technology concept

Chemspeed was recently granted a patent on Overhead Gravimetric Dispensing Technology, despite challenges from other market players. Overhead Gravimetric Dispensing Technology is a key patent that completes the extensive list of patents already in the portfolio of Chemspeed Technologies.

This additional patent confirms the fact that Chemspeed leads the field of R&D automation. Not only is Chemspeed proving once again that it is the innovation leader in this field; but it also protects Chemspeed’s important investments, and guarantees that Chemspeed stays the only provider of this technology. Being able to gravimetrically dispense into any target vessel, even while it is being heated, cooled and / or stirred is a key advantage for Chemspeed’s users. It simplifies the logistics of the dispensing procedure and also provides huge flexibility in the way gravimetric
additions can be done.

It is important to note that this technology is not only used for powder dispensing, but also for dispensing liquids, viscous and / or high viscosity material. Making Chemspeed the partner of choice for any company that needs to automate the dispensing of substances and doesn’t want to risk being limited by where the dispensing takes place or what can be dispensed.

Competing technologies require moving the vessel to an on-deck balance where the dispensing has to take place. This means movement of the container to the balance (provided it can be moved and it is not too heavy), taring, dispensing, moving the container back, etc. With overhead gravimetric dispensing, the balance, together with the substance to be dispensed, is mounted on a robotic arm and is moved to the target destination.

Being able to dispense in-situ also has the great advantage that the mixture in the destination can be continuously heated, and / or stirred; something which is impossible to do if the container has to be moved to the balance. Anybody who has added a powder to a mixture knows the importance of being able to stir during the addition.

Figure 1: The Overhead Gravimetric Dispensing Unit for High Viscous Liquids (GDU-HV)

May 7, 2011