SWILE©: Step Change in Solid Compound Management and More!

Chemspeed is proud to announce its SWILE© Robotic Tool – The First True One-To-One Gravimetric Pick & Dispense of Solid Compounds:

  • Dispensing of virtually any solid compound from < 100 µg to 30 mg
  • Directly from virtually any source into virtually any destination
  • Disposable positive displacement tips
  • No dead volume
  • No cross-contamination or cleaning of the transfer tips, they are single use disposable and exchanged automatically
  • A recovery rate equal or higher than in manual procedures
  • A throughput of about one dispense per minute
  • Unattended operation (with optional inert atmosphere)

The SWILE robotic tool is compliant with e.g. the following Chemspeed product lines:

  • SWING (e.g. automated compound management, reaction preparation for catalyst screening)
  • ISYNTH (e.g. automated catalyst screening)
  • AUTOPLANT (e.g. automated catalyst testing)

For more information, please contact [email protected].

February 2, 2015