Crystal Powderdose

Benchtop gravimetric solid dispensing with unparalleled flexibility

RFID scanner to
identify material
7 dosing
On-deck balance
for direct weighing
Easy to use
3 rack positions,
well plates or vials
Automated enclosure
An annotated image of a Chemspeed Crystal swile product containing a gantry, mutiple vials and an RFID scanner above a touchscreen

A compact and flexible benchtop solution

The Crystal Powderdose is a fully automated and compact benchtop solution which allows you to optimize and speed up the sample preparation process. It provides maximum flexibility in handling multiple solids, with accurate dosing directly in well plates and various size vials.


Why laboratory teams use Crystal Powderdose

Direct dispensing to the vessels

Dosing directly into your vial rack/well plates, which drastically reduces the dosing cycle time

Increased efficiency

Automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks, provide walk away time

Enhanced traceability

Easy-to-use software for consistent and ensure traceability, 21 CFR part 11 compliant software

Gradient and incremental value dispensing

Making it quick and easy for DoE using the clear and intuitive GUI to assist

A hand pressing a blue Chemspeed touchscreen sitting on a black panel containing a UI showing a grid of dots some of which are blue and some are red

Easy-to-use touch-interface software

Crystal Powderdose software supports fully unattended sample preparation. It enables quick execution, monitoring and automated logging of data. The native ARKSUITE integration allows data, inventory, product and run management. Web and mobile access is available for remote configuration and system status.

Easy-to-use GUI

Export the data in various formats

Real-time dispensing data

Intuitive programming

Connect to 3rd-party software



Dispensing characteristics

Compound typeSolids and powdersPowder distributionOne-to-one; many-to-one; many-to-manyTechnologyDirect gravimetric fine dispensing unit for solids and powdersBalance resolution10 μgDispensing range1 mg to 20 gDispensing container 20 mLAvailable wellplates6 (2x3), 12 (3x4), 24 (4x6), 48 (6x8), 96 (8x12)

Expandable with optional extra features

  • Ioniser to reduce static charge
  • Camera module for remote viewing of the system
  • Integration into a larger automated workflow