Module user interface.

Chemspeed AutoSuite Software laptop screen
Design any number of your own experimental workflows to suit your business needs using drag-and-drop functionality.
Simulate your experiment workflows before running to optimize execution, then start execution of your workflow with one-click operation.
Track experimental conditions in real-time to ensure optimal execution, and review experimental trends for in-depth analysis.
Easily integrate with 3rd-party LIMS and ELN using the AUTOSUITE API and powerful export functions for detailed reporting.

The power behind your Chemspeed hardware

Chemspeed's AUTOSUITE was designed to bridge the gap when transitioning a laboratory bench process to one of Chemspeed’s automated workflow modules. Transforming a bench procedure to an automated workflow is challenging enough without the added complexity of translating human tasks into robotic instruction.

We have designed an interface that makes our automated systems speak the scientist’s language to help ease this process. AUTOSUITE provides an intuitive four stage process that helps unlock the full potential of our platforms while providing perfect balance between instrument control and experiment requirements.

Intuitive workflow

Template driven simplified programming of highly sophisticated automated systems

Quick onboarding

Increase “right-first-time” runs on Chemspeed fully automated platforms, regardless of experience level of operators

Full control

Enables users to unlock the full automating power of Chemspeed solutions by providing deep control of tools and functions.

Know what's happening

Enables full transparency of run execution and the ability make “on the fly” changes during execution.


Extensive capacity

Drag-and-drop UI

Intuitive graphic interface that simplifies configuring platform with required tools, allowing for fast creation of a digital twin of your platform.

Task list

Extensive pre-programmed task list library that is used to build essentially and protocol into robot instructions.


Custom task creation allows further adaption of bench process steps, and personalization of your digital twin by naming position and tools.

Virtual testing

Simulation mode allows a user to execute their program and visually test its correctness and estimate time to completion.

Gather data

Real-time data monitoring, visualization, and acquisition.

Simple sharing

Configuration, zone management and task lists are compiled in a single file which makes archiving and/or sharing methods simple. Method integrity is maintained there can be no accidental changes to due to shared components.


Integration with 3rd-party instruments by using several low-level communication techniques.


AUTOSUITE API (application programming interface) available if connection to internal data systems is required.


Comprehensive data capture of all instrument executions, incl. inherent XLS interface for import and export.


AUTOSUITE connections

AUTOSUITE APIProgramming tools for accessing and manipulating data used by AUTOSUITE. Allows flexibility for integration, best for pulling data out of system.AUTOSUITE Database ToolsAllows integration with existing databases or implementation of new databases. Allows access to ODBC SQL databases for storing/accessing data for use by AUTOSUITE.AUTOSUITE CSV import/exportAllows loading of data, such as recipes / DOE tables, directly into AUTOSUITE. Access/store data directly from/to Excel CSV files.Run executableAllows execution of 3rd-party programs by AUTOSUITE. Can return info via Standard Output. Supports Windows scripting, including VBScript.
A white laptop containing a UI showing a workflow builder with blue arrows and yellow connecting lines