Digital twins or the degree of automation in RnD labs - Presentation at ILMAC 2021

Artificial intelligence and digitisation in chemical research – ILMAC 2021

Dr. Rolf Gueller and Mathias Cherbuin, CEO and CIO of Chemspeed Technologies, presented at ILMAC 2021 «What is more important to enable efficient cyber-physical systems – digital twins or the degree of automation in RnD labs?»

Gamification, Internet of the Lab Tools, Digital Twins, Machine Learning/ Artificial Intelligence combined with automation are pivotal tools to move chemical R&D processes and operations into the digital age.
Presented concepts and solutions will show that digital twins are disruptive for every lab and enable the AI/ML pipelines in the future. The presentation shows Chemspeed’s top-down and bottom-up digitalization approach that is shaping the R&D sphere.

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30 November, 2021