Versatile Methods to Dispense Submilligram Quantities of Solids Using Chemical-Coated Beads for High-Throughput Experimentation

Organic Process Research & Development Journal

High-throughput experimentation is a technique for screening multiple reaction conditions in parallel at micro or nanoscale without depleting precious starting materials. However, assembling a comprehensive screening set often involves the distribution of large number of solid reagents with diverse physical properties in small quantities. Automated solid dispensing, especially at submilligram scale, has long been a challenge with no practical and reliable solutions. This paper describes the use of our newly developed chemical-coated beads technology to provide a universal approach to the solid handling problem. This technology, when combined with an automated solid dispensing platform or calibrated scoops, can dispense submilligram quantities of a variety of solids with efficiency and adequate accuracy.

For details: Versatile Methods to Dispense Sub‐Milligram Quantities of Solids using Chemical Coated Beads for High‐Throughput Experimentation

M. Cynthia Martin, Gashaw M. Goshu, Jeffery R. Hartnell, Collin D. Morris, Ying Wang, and Noah P. Tu

AbbVie Inc., 1 North Waukegan Road, North Chicago, Illinois 60064, United States

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Organic Process Research & Development Journal
DOI: 10.1021/acs.oprd.9b00213

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September 3, 2019