School of Chemistry, University of York

Accelerating the throughput in addition to increasing the number of experiments is critical in research and development. The use of a high-tech robotic platform (Chemspeed®) permits the development of unique workflow solutions from individual bench-top reactions to fully automated processes.

The modular platform allows reaction development using a variety of reactors, employing high-throughput techniques or automated kinetics, providing high quality, high-output data rapidly.

This is hugely important in today’s research climate and has proved invaluable in the pharmaceutical industry where detailed studies on chemical processes have aided in the synthesis of important drug compounds.

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An automated, modular, chemistry robotics platform for rapid data generation and statistical model development

Dr. Chris S. Horbaczewskj, Dr. George E. Clarke, Stuart C. Smith, Prof. Ian J. S Fairlamb

School of Chemistry, University of York, Y010 5DD

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FLEX ISYNTH Library Synthesis Small Scale

FLEX ISYNTH Library Synthesis




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